A Life Changing Experience

I’ve changed…
I’ve changed after I met 18 Indonesian and Canadian participants from all over province..

They taught me about teamwork, they showed me how rich our global culture is, they
taught me how to support each other, they offer me a family..
Later I was under Canadian sky, my hand touching snow..then I learned about Canadian waste management, council policy for disable people, and absorbing all the advantages that first world country could offer..

Staying in sub-urban area with my host family, working as a volunteer in Colchester Adult Learning Association, Skating and playing paintball on the weekend with my group, was a fascinating moment..We ended it by throwing an Indonesian Night Cultural Performance and performed for CUSO-Dance for the World to raise money..

When we moved to small village in a remote area, far in Riau, I learned more..
About community support, Villagers effort to survive, and embracing their kindness…
There we try to pass on our knowledge and skills, everything that we have which we believe could improve their life condition, but most important we gave them our love that will last..

Despite the wooden house that we lived in, rain water that we drank, walking in the forest everyday and got bitten by snake, I enjoyed each second that past doing community development program and involving on interaction between Canadian and Indonesian cultures..

In only 7 months, I learned that hard work and good intention will lead to something bigger than us..now I know that diversities is a bless..now I know my self better, as a proud Indonesian, as a global citizen who cooperate to fight for an ideal world..
My life has changed by this experience..so why don’t you join us and make your own story?

Ryza Cahaya
Peserta Program Pertukaran Pemuda Indonesia Kanada 2008-2009